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onion son

Wed Jun 24, 2015, 6:13 PM

july camp nanowrimo's around the corner! i joined spontaneously back in april and found nano's 1-month deadline to be just the right push i needed to finally get on track with writing. in case y'all didn't know, the difference between camp nano in april/july and official nano in november is that in april/july, you can set your own word count goal for the month--and not only that, you have the option of being sorted into a group called a 'cabin' with ten or so other participants, in which you can chat and support each other throughout the month. the sense of camaraderie is quite nice, especially since writing is such a by-yourself activity.

i wrote 50k words of ARCHANGEL in april, and got about halfway through the story. here's hoping another 50k this july will see it finished. :^O!! to be honest, the story realllyyyyyyy got away from me the further i progressed, i mean damn, this thing wants to be an epic. a very unhappy epic. the main character's got it real bad, let me tell you. poor child--BUT WHAT ELSE IS NEW, REALLY.

for those of you who weren't around to see me gush and fall flat on my face about the premise back in 2012, here's a somewhat brief overview:

the story is set in the Capital, a sprawling metropolis with a very distinct divide: you've got the Acropolis, the wealthy, governing district, and the Substratum, the grittier side of the coin, whose streets at night are paved with less than legal activities. among the population, the majority of which are as normal as you and i, live harbingers--people who have developed a strange, albeit often nonsensical, supernatural ability. that aside, the sole physical feature that identifies a harbinger from a normal man is the color of their eyes, which can range from common brown to neon pink.

so here's the deal. the ruling body of the Capital has a vacant spot for the first time in a decade, and politicians in both the Acropolis and the Substratum are racing against each other to fill it. joshua, the fourteen-year-old son of an Acropolis mayor, has lived in the Acropolis his entire life, sheltered in his own boring, well-off bubble.

he doesn't think he's a threat to anyone, but sometimes fate smacks you over the head with a wrench and suddenly everyone's out for a slice of your pie.

fortunately for him, there's a ragtag little group in the Substratum who know precisely what to do with him.

i've worked on it on and off since 2012, most notably in 2013 when i wrote a 40k word draft, but man, it took me THREE YEARS to get my shit together and iron everything out. and most of it was done on march 31st, when i stumbled upon camp nano and spontaneously decided to join. i guess sometimes you just really gotta sit down, suck it up, and start it. 

my nano username is frozen mercury, if anybody wants to add me. *___* it's such an old handle but apparently you can't change your nano username after you've set it SO. SO. OH WELL

last thing: i watched inside out this past weekend. it's very good; as a person who's moved around and lived in eight different US states throughout her childhood, i related to it quite a bit. i recommend it. i also recommend avoiding the hype train to avoid getting spoiled, because boy has hype ruined a lot of things for me before.


Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

(thanks to everyone who wished me condolences on my last journal entry. i really appreciate it.)


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